Who Will Stand For Israel?

It has long been common knowledge to the citizens of the United States that Israel is our best international friend.

That beautiful, tiny, postage stamp size country is the most vibrant and unique on earth, and they are not dependent  on us for their protection.

We, as a nation, are making a terrible mistake, and Yahweh God,  the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is watching as our current Administration continues to wax cold, evidenced by their lack of understanding of Israel’s unique position in the world, as, on a daily basis, the Israeli Defense Forces battle valiantly against its 4,000 year old foes.

Israel can survive without us, for Yahweh God will preserve them, but if the United States turns its back on Israeli defense requests, our own country’s survival will soon end, for we will have rejected one of the two primary reasons the United States was created and continues to exist.

Does anyone believe it was a coincidence that deeply religious Christopher Columbus brought an expedition to the western hemisphere in 1492, funded by Spain, in the very same year the Jewish residents of Spain, after centuries of residing there, were expelled, unless they converted to Roman Catholicism, and were thus, now, in need of a sanctuary?


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